Impact Evaluation Tool

The LTPR Impact Evaluation Tool presented here targets USAID missions as well as LTPR and Impact Evaluation professionals hired to carry out an assessment. It can easily be adapted for use by other US government (USG) agencies, or even other donors, engaged in programming of LTPR interventions.

The tool aims to:

  1. Measure project/intervention effectiveness, relevance, and efficiency.
  2. Enhance Agency’s learning from LTPR project interventions and outcomes to refine design and introduce improvements into future programs.
  3. Permit missions to share and learn from the experiences of other country missions.
  4. Bolster the Agency’s effectiveness in meeting both project and broader institutional goals.

Although the tool is designed to be used with the assistance of outside consultants, it encourages the involvement of USAID, including mission staff in the actual implementation of the tool to enrich the learning potential. Adopting a common methodology shared by all USAID missions can help ensure that important aspects in the evaluation of LTPR interventions are not overlooked, and a shared approach facilitates cross-comparison of impact findings.

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