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Landing Home

By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia A municipal land office in Ovejas is giving local government a role to play in land administration. For 72-year-old Glenys Mariela Salazar, retirement has not made life easy. A victim of Colombia’s armed conflict, her main occupation for the last 20 years has been survival. In 2001,…Read More

MAST: Supporting Community Forest Management in Liberia

By the USAID LTS Team Liberia depends on its forests. The forestry sector contributes 10 percent of the country’s GDP. One in three rural Liberians (1.5 million people) live in forested areas and rely on forests for a significant source of their livelihoods. And Liberia’s forests are a global biodiversity hotspot, comprising more than half…Read More

A President’s Promise

By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia President Iván Duque signs statement of commitment to deliver land titles following the USAID-supported Massive Land Formalization Pilot. The Final Step The President of Colombia, Iván Duque, and Mark Green, Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), met and signed a joint statement of support…Read More

What’s in a Title?

By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia Discussions about land tenure in development aid often end up like this: a question mark whether land titles are enough to alleviate poverty. Property titles—people tend to argue—provide landowners with an asset, which can be used as collateral to access credit and create capital to improve productivity and adopt…Read More

Transforming Land Rights Management in Tanzania

In Tanzania, smallholder land registrations are critical to protecting local land rights. However, since passing the Village Act in 1999 to provide for the management of village lands, the process of registration has moved slowly due to limited operational capacity. To bring the law into full effect, procedures for registration and administration need to be…Read More

What’s new with MAST?

USAID’s Mobile Applications to Secure Tenure (MAST) initiative started small. Launched in 2014 in three pilot villages, the initial goal was to test a simple but powerful idea: with some training and support, could underserved communities use mobile phone mapping technology and participatory approaches to document and secure their land rights? Five years and four…Read More