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“Having a land title is being rooted to your land without being afraid.”

Q&A with the Mayor of Puerto Rico, Meta, Colombia In Puerto Rico, Meta, seven out of 10 urban properties lack a registered land title. Informal property ownership is a very common phenomenon in southern Meta and is largely due to a history of violence and the absence of state services. In 2022, the municipality’s Mayor’s…Read More

The Incentive of Land Ownership

With USAID support, Colombia’s National Land Agency made history by adopting guidelines to approach families who cultivate illicit crops like coca with land titling services. Cáceres, Antioquia is famous for all the wrong reasons. The municipality, which is home to more than 30,000 people in the lower Cauca river basin, is known for harsh violence,…Read More

Land: where women get the lead role

In Sardinata, Colombia, women are the driving force behind land formalization and are the main beneficiaries For the women of Sardinata, Norte de Santander, having a land title had been unimaginable for decades. Their dreams of owning property were crushed every time unscrupulous people arrived with false promises. “People came here and told us things,…Read More

“Women need to know we also have rights to our property deeds.”

Q&A with landowner and Tumaco neighbor, Nancy Lucrecia Valencia Nancy Lucrecia Valencia says she has an “irresistible personality.” She arrived in Tumaco 25 years ago, where she lives in the Tres Cruces neighborhood. She has always felt like family of the many children in her neighborhood because she used to cook for them in a…Read More

‘You Cannot Live Here’

USAID-supported local land offices are leading land administration campaigns and delivering land titles to rural Colombians When Nuri Jaramillo won three million pesos in the lottery she wondered if it was a bad omen. She chose the number 666 for the winning lottery ticket. She used the winnings to buy clothing for her three children…Read More

“We know our land and our community”

Q&A with Ana Cristina Marchena, a community leader from Guarumo, Cáceres Since 2020, with support from the Government of Colombia, the Land for Prosperity Activity is leading a massive land formalization campaign in the municipality of Cáceres, in the Bajo Cauca region. Due to the presence of armed groups, illicit crops, land mines, and artisanal…Read More