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Why Land Issues Matter in Rural and Urban Development

Municipal Land Offices throughout Colombia are providing local leaders with the tools to execute major development projects. A Town with Encanto The sleepy municipality of El Carmen was declared a National Heritage Site in 2005, but tourists did not start streaming in until 2016 when the government signed a Peace Accord with the FARC rebel…Read More

Reducing Threats to Biodiversity Through Integration

Integrated Natural Resource Management Digest: December 2023 – January 2024 While there has been much progress in overall economic prosperity around the world, the loss of biodiversity continues at an unprecedented rate. Growing environmental challenges, like biodiversity loss and climate change, have negative impacts on the natural systems that sustain global development. To address these…Read More

Meet Zambia’s Conservation Gender Champions

In Zambia, the wildlife and conservation sector is male dominated. A number of factors account for this, including structural barriers in recruitment and training and gender norms that see the public sphere as a male domain. Yet evidence suggests that women’s involvement in natural resource management leads to better conservation outcomes, as well as increased wellbeing…Read More

“The cadaster is made for the people and with the people”

Q&A with Gustavo Marulanda, Director of IGAC, Colombia’s cadaster and mapping agency USAID’s Land for Prosperity Activity is updating the cadaster of 11 municipalities in eight regions of Colombia and the Chiribiquete National Park, the largest protected area in Colombia, to support formal land markets and protect biodiversity. In this interview, Gustavo Marulanda, IGAC’s Director, talks about the…Read More

Women’s Land Rights Champion: Emile Ako

This interview with Emile Ako, USAID/Côte d’Ivoire, is part of the REFS/CNE/LRG Women’s Land Rights Champions series, which profiles staff across USAID Missions and operating units who are working to advance women’s land rights. Tell us about yourself. I am a Project Management Specialist in USAID’s Democracy, Rights, Governance and Conflict Prevention office in Abidjan,…Read More

“The Municipal Land Office is our Guide.”

Q&A with the Mayor of Santander de Quilichao, Cauca In the last four years, the Municipal Land Office (MLO) of Santander de Quilichao has facilitated the titling of more than 700 parcels. Several of these are public parcels like parks or health centers, or have to do with improving the municipality’s roads. The land office…Read More