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Revealing Identity in a Grain of Cacao

By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia Sometimes, social change comes from the most unexpected places. In Tolima, it is coming from the cacao plant. Thanks to a public-private partnership facilitated by USAID, the women from 120 families are walking down the road of equality and are empowered to use their voices. They have realized that expressing their opinions…Read More

Securing Her Land Rights in Tajikistan

Salomat Choriea Breaks the Mold This blog post was originally published on Chemonics Impact Stories. At age 16, Salomat Chorieva started her first job on a farm in Tajikistan. She endured harsh working conditions, growing cotton and wheat on 700 square meters of farmland. She handed over all her harvests to the head of the…Read More

The Pride of Plantain

How a public-private partnership is solving several problems for Meta’s plantain growers and winning support in unlikely places. By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia When Meta-based plantain growers’ association Asoplagran made its second shipment of plantain to Grupo Éxito, the Colombian multinational firm returned 30 kilograms of fruit that did not meet its…Read More

Opinion: Connecting the dots — land rights and inclusive economic growth in Colombia

Last month, top Colombian economic minds gathered in Bogotá for a Grand Economic Forum on attracting investment as the country emerges from a decades-long civil war. Andres Cadena, a senior partner at McKinsey & Company, distilled the issue to its essence: “Colombia’s great challenge is that it has not found its growth model. The country has been growing…Read More

Under Construction

By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia What to do? Every year, municipal leaders across Colombia face a recurring dilemma: use funds to fix the roads destroyed by the rains or spend the funds on a tertiary road inventory. On the one hand, the inventory is an instrument that every municipality needs in order…Read More