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Respecting their Autonomy

USAID is giving indigenous Pijao communities in Chaparral, Tolima the opportunity to participate in land administration initiatives. Eleven ethnic Pijao communities in the municipality of Chaparral, Tolima, took part in Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) sessions and agreed to participate in the implementation of Rural Property and Land Administration Plan (POSPR) being carried out…Read More

Convincing the Public

El Bagre’s Municipal Land Office has delivered more than 500 urban land titles in one of Colombia’s largest gold mining municipalities.  El Bagre is synonymous with gold mining. In fact, before El Bagre was a municipality, it formed part of neighboring Zaragoza and was a place where people had been mining gold for hundreds of…Read More

Weaving Satellite Data into an Ecosystem of Farmer Support

At Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture, Head of Food Crops Statistics Ms. Jane Kioko takes on the enormous task of compiling monthly crop data for the country. Small-scale farmers make up 75% of the nation’s agricultural output. As our climate changes, these farmers navigate more extreme challenges, like droughts and crop diseases. Through a collaboration between…Read More

“In the municipalities supported by USAID we can deliver more titles and achieve goals faster”

Q&A with María José Muñoz, Land Formalization Expert from Colombia’s Property Registry (SNR) Since 2016, Colombia’s property registry authority, the Superintendence of Notaries and Registers (SNR) has worked with Municipal Land Offices (MLOs) to register and deliver thousands of land titles to owners all over the country. In this interview with María José Muñoz, Delegated Superintendent…Read More

Peace through Honey

A public-private partnership, facilitated by USAID, is increasing the economic and environmental benefits for beekeepers in the Montes de María. In the Montes de María, a sub-region of the Colombian Caribbean region characterized by the abundance of its tropical dry forest, great stories of resilience have been consolidated thanks to the art of beekeeping. One of...Read More

Finding Common Ground

LFP supports a network of youth leaders and their relationships with the private and public sector to increase synergy around water conservation. Since the 2021 social protests, young people in Colombia and especially in Cauca have increased their distrust and distanced themselves from state institutions. However, interfacing with the public sector and large scale agro...Read More