Property Rights and Resource Governance: Global

Completed Project
Thematic Issues: Natural Resource Management
Project Duration: 2007 to 2013
Approximate Funding: $7,000,000

The Property Rights and Resource Governance (PRRG) Project was a six-year global program focused on efforts to support property rights and natural resources governance. This program included the development of analytical tools that USAID used to support land tenure and property rights (LTPR) programming. Specifically, these focused on LTPR assessments, LTPR impact evaluations, LTPR sequencing, and the specific nuance associated with LTPR and women/vulnerable groups, and LTPR and post-conflict/stabililzation settings. This program also contained a strong knowledge management component, dedicated to helping the Agency capture and learn from lessons and best practices evolving in this realm of international development. This program also developed training courses and tools for USAID and US Government programming personnel and their partners in Washington, D.C., and in USAID programming regions worldwide.