Perceptions of Tenure Security


Paper Title: Perceptions of Tenure Security: An Exploratory Analysis of Pre-Treatment Data in Rural Communities Across Ethiopia, Guinea, Liberia, and Zambia

Presenters: M. Mercedes Stickler (USAID), Heather Huntington (The Cloudburst Group)

This paper examines variation in perceptions of tenure security and satisfaction with customary land governance across rural communities in four African countries. The objectives of the paper are threefold. First, using baseline data from four USAID-funded impact evaluations, the paper describes pre-treatment levels of resource tenure and property rights in Ethiopia, Guinea, Liberia, and Zambia. Second, the paper examines community satisfaction with land governance, including assessments of leadership accountability and transparency in land-related decision-making. Third, the paper provides a comparative analysis of subgroup differences within and across countries. The particular subgroups of interest for the analysis include female-headed households, youth, and resource-constrained families.