Libya: Supporting the Justice and Security Sector through Property Rights in Libya

Completed Project
Project Countries: Libya
Thematic Issues: Economic Growth, Governance, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance
Project Duration: 2013 to 2013

Through the SJSSPR project, USAID will use interventions that target property rights as the primary lens through which to work with Libyans to help them deliver justice and security. Property rights has been chosen as the primary focus of this project because its multi-dimensional nature allows USAID to support the evolution of Libya’s conflict resolution systems and thereby help mitigate potential conflict, as property rights appear to be a primary source of potential conflict throughout Libya.


  • Gain a better understanding of the local security and justice dynamics related to property rights, and identify possible interventions to inform Libyan efforts and USG programming.
  • Support the efforts of local actors to better understand and respond to housing, land, and property disputes through improved dispute resolution systems and procedures.
  • Improved economic growth and increased private-sector investment
  • Work with Libyan actors to identify and analyze critical and systematic housing, land, and property issues and other related critical grievances.
  • Ensure significant issues uncovered during the work of the project—including those related to gender and minorities—are discussed, debated, and are brought to requisite level of government attention.