Without Women there is no Tradition, Chief Chikwa – Chikwa CRB Patron

Like in many chiefdoms across Zambia, tradition dictates that family care corresponds to women leadership corresponds to men. As a result, men dominate both the household and community-level decision making when it comes to natural resources. In Chikwa, however, the Chief sees a role for women in natural resource management as a way to advance development in his chiefdom. He is willing to challenge traditions in order to secure opportunities for women leaders.

As the patron of the Chikwa CRB and Chief of the Senga people in Chama District, he takes his role seriously and has committed to promoting gender equality. Prior to the CRB election, Chief Chikwa implemented an affirmative action measure requiring 50% women representation in all governance structures in his chiefdom.

Our history and our tradition are not without women. Women have held honorable positions in our tradition system, including that of a chief; before me there were women. Discriminating against women is not from our tradition but individual selfishness. Women deserve to be leaders of our communities,” he says.