USAID is now accepting applications for funding on land and resource governance research in select African countries!

USAID is pleased to announce the Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) Special Call for applications to support graduate students and their mentors interested in building their capacity for research on land and resource governance. One-year awards of up to $15,000 per research team (mentor and one or more graduate students and/or postdocs) are available. Applicants must be based in Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Tanzania, or Zambia. All applications submitted in response to this call MUST incorporate previously-generated USAID impact evaluation data available on USAID Land and Urban’s LandLinks or by contacting USAID LU’s LandLinks website or email

Proposals received by the originally announced deadline of April 3 will be reviewed and applicants notified of the outcome in mid-April. The program will continue to accept applications after April 3 on a rolling basis, with newly received proposals to be reviewed in batches approximately every two weeks, beginning in late April and continuing until all available funds are committed. An update will be posted here to indicate when applications are no longer being accepted. Those interested should apply as soon as possible, as there are no guarantees how long the deadline will remain open after April 3.

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