Land Matters Media Scan – 8 June 2018

Photo by: Bart Crezee/University of Leeds

Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items:


  1. Investor Survey On Land Rights: Full Report (6/1/18)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  2. The Sweet Expression of Panela (6/5/18)
    Source: USAID LRDP Colombia

Upcoming Events

  1. Sextortion and Land Governance: What is it and How can it be Tackled? (6/25/18)
    Source: Land Portal Foundation

Reports and Publications

  1. Ten Years of DS Efforts on Housing, Land and Property Rights in Myanmar – An Overview (6/4/18)
    Source: Displacement Solutions
    Related report: Housing, Land and Property Rights in Myanmar
  2. Southwest Afghanistan’s Bare Land has Become Home to Up to 2.2 Million People (5/20/18)
    Source: MENAFN
  3. A New Era of Land Struggle on the Horizon – Holding Governments to their Commitments to Collective Tenure (6/1/18)
    Source: Land Portal Foundation
    Related report: Collective Land Ownership in the 21st Century: Overview of Global Trends
  4. Rural Poor Squeezed by Land Concessions in Mekong Region – Report (5/29/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation


  1. Thinking Holistically About Women’s Land Rights (5/17/18)
    Source: Agrilinks
  2. Using the ‘Four Powers’ to Tackle Land Use Dilemmas (5/22/18)
    Source: CIFOR
  3. A Place of Her Own: Women’s Right to Land (5/21/18)
    Source: Council on Foreign Relations
  4. To End Deforestation, We Must Protect Community Land Rights (5/31/18)
    Source: World Economic Forum

Indigenous Peoples

  1. For Indigenous Peoples, Losing Land Can Mean Losing Lives (5/31/18)
    Source: World Resources Institute
  2. Brazil: Beleaguered Amazon Tribes Remain Staunch in Defence of their Land (5/28/18)
    Source: The Guardian
  3. Ecuador’s Indigenous Waorani Launch Petition to Save the Amazon (5/23/18)
    Source: Al Jazeera
  4. India: In Assam, a Government-appointed Panel Suggests Farmland be Reserved for ‘Indigenous People’ (5/18/18)
  5. Kenya: Hope for Evicted Forest People as Kenya Vows to Honour Landmark Ruling (5/31/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  6. Peru: Are Corrupt Politicians Behind Peru’s Palm Oil Plantations? (5/31/18)
    Source: Deustche Welle
  7. Tanzania: Half a Million of Indigenous Peoples’ Livelihoods Threatened in Tanzania (5/22/18)
    Source: IWGIA


  1. New Scramble for Africa: Is her land safe? (5/29/18)
    Source: Critical Investigations into Humanitarianism in Africa
  2. Africa’s Women are Still Waiting for Equal Inheritance Rights (5/24/18)
    Source: Landesa
  3. Democratic Republic of the Congo: To Protect the Congolese Peatlands, Protect Local Land Rights (commentary) (6/4/18)
    Source: Mongabay
  4. Why Ghana’s Clam Farmers Are Digging GPS (5/27/18)
    Source: NPR
  5. Sierra Leone News: Sierra Leone Women Demand Customary Land Rights (5/25/18)
    Source: Awoko
  6. South Africans’ Anger Over Land Set to Explode (5/30/18)
    Source: BBC
  7. South Africa: South Africa Needs to Reverse Corporate Capture of Agricultural Policy (5/28/18)
    Source: The Conversation
  8. Togo: Parliament Passes New Land Code (6/6/18)
    Source: Togo First

The Americas

  1. Brazil: Between Law and Reality: Understanding De Jure and De Facto Women’s Land Rights in Brazil (6/5/18)
    Source: Land Portal Foundation
  2. Guatemalan Farmers Occupy Plantation Formerly Owned by Drug Traffickers (5/23/18)
    Source: Waging Nonviolence
  3. Audio: Mexico’s Ejidos Find Sustainability by Including Women and Youth (5/30/18)
    Source: Mongabay


  1. India: Deadly Disputes Over Land, Environment in India’s Wealthiest States (5/25/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  2. Indonesia: When Palm Oil Meets Politics, Indonesian Farmers Pay the Price (6/5/18)
    Source: Mongabay
  3. Philippine Peasants Fight for Land 30 Years after Reform (5/30/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation