Land Matters Media Scan – 4 May 2018

Photo by: Renato Pajuelo / Diario de la República for UNDP

Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items:


  1. Tenure and Global Climate Change (TGCC) Program Final Report (5/4/18)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  2. Chocolate’s Sustainability Challenge – Written by Jeff King, highlighting TGCC’s partnership with Hershey’s & ECOM in Ghana (5/2/18)
    Source: Project Syndicate
  3. We Always had the Authority to Do Our Work, USAID Made it Easier to Operate (5/2/18)
    Source: USAID LRDP Colombia
  4. Cross-posted articles from Agrilinks’ “Land Tenure Month
    1. Land Policy for the Next Generation (5/2/18)
      Source: Agrilinks / LandLinks
    2. Improving Large Scale Agriculture Investments (5/2/18)
      Source: Agrilinks / LandLinks
    3. Six Myths About Youth and Land – Written by Chemonics’ Michael Brown (5/2/18)
      Source: Agrilinks / LandLinks
    4. Q&A on the Interconnections Between Land Tenure and Food Security (5/2/18)
      Source: Agrilinks / LandLinks
    5. The African Land Policy Centre Helps Lead the Land Reform Agenda (5/2/18)
      Source: Agrilinks / LandLinks
    6. Improving the Economic Benefits of Landholders in Ethiopia (5/2/18)
      Source: Agrilinks / LandLinks
  5. Community land rights open investment opportunities in global south – mentions USAID’s involvement in community-led forest projects (4/13/18)
    Source: Global Landscape Forum

Upcoming Events

  1. Global Landscape Forum Washington, D.C. 2018 (5/30/18)
    Source: Global Landscape Forum

Reports and Publications

  1. Indigenous peoples’ collective rights to lands, territories and natural resources (4/15/18)
    Source: IFAD
    Related report: Indigenous peoples’ collective rights to lands, territories and natural resources


  1. Need better property rights and land tenure security data? Build in-country partnerships (4/26/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Indigenous Peoples

  1. Brazil: Indigenous Brazilians rally to demand land rights protection (4/25/18)
    Source: Al Jazeera
  2. Brazil: Land activist and descendant of slaves slain in Brazil’s Amazon (4/17/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. Colombia takes ‘unprecedented’ step to stop farms gobbling forests (4/11/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  4. Guatemala: structural violence driving displacement and disrupting indigenous communities, especially women (4/18/18)
    Source: Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
  5. India: Murder of eight-year-old in India tied to nomadic land rights, activists say (4/17/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  6. India: Assam to adopt new policy to protect the land rights of indigenous people (4/25/18)
    Source: Hindustan Times
  7. Kenya’s forest people hope reforms will stem graft and evictions (4/23/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  8. Mexico: Landlords Impede Land Restitution to Indigenous Wixarika People (4/16/18)
    Source: Telesur
  9. Nigeria’s communal violence: It’s about more than land (4/26/18)
    Source: Deutsche Welle
  10. Peru: The Right to Land (4/16/18)
    Source: UNDP
  11. Philippines: With pink vests and protests, Philippine clergy bless land rights struggle (4/24/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation


  1. Angola: Securing land and livelihoods in Angola (4/26/18)
    Source: The Luthern World Federation
  2. Kenya: Gold Barred: In Rural Kenya, Women Banned From Mining Their Own Land (4/18/18)
    Source: News Deeply
  3. Kenya suspends land allocation as nine injured in attacks (4/19/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  4. Liberians plan sit-in to pressure Weah to protect land rights (4/12/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  5. Sierra Leone: DeBeers rolls out app to clean up Sierra Leone diamond supply chain (4/19/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  6. Sudan: Blood and gold: Now Sudan’s land wars have spread to mining (4/21/18)
    Source: Middle East Eye
  7. Uganda: Returning LRA hostages face new ordeal over land conflicts in rural Uganda (5/1/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  8. Zimbabwe’s New Government Pushes to Strengthen Agriculture (4/25/18)
    Source: AgriBusiness Global


  1. India: Using blockchain to make land registry more reliable in India (4/13/18)
    Source: LSE Business Review
  2. In India, this group helps turn wasteland into greener pastures (4/19/18)
    Source: PBS
  3. Indonesia: Why social forestry: Securing the sap (4/17/18)
    Source: CIFOR