Land Matters Media Scan – 16 May 2017

Photo by: Aida Alami / New York Times

Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items:


  1. The Role of Land in Financing Infrastructure in Cities (5/11/17)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  2. Rural Tanzanians Map Their Country’s Future (5/15/17)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  3. USAID Leads Conference on Sustainable Land Governance (5/15/17)
    Source: USAID LandLinks

Upcoming Events

  1. Webinar: Tanzania Country Profile (5/24/17)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  2. Responsible Investments in Land: perspectives from Tanzania and globally (6/5/17-6/16/17)
    Source: Land Portal
  3. For peat’s sake, don’t miss the upcoming Global Landscapes Forum thematic event in Indonesia! (5/18/17)
    Source: Global Landscapes Forum

Reports and Publications

  1. Democracy that Delivers #67: How Property Rights Are Key to Sustainable Economic Growth (5/9/17)
    Source: CIPE

Making Land Rights Real

DAI shares lessons learned in their Making Land Rights Real series, which details experiences and challenges faced helping people secure land rights. Articles include mentions of USAID’s Mobile Applications to Secure Tenure (MAST) and Feed the Future Tanzania Land Tenure Assistance (LTA) activity (March – May 2017)

  1. Making Land Rights Real
  2. Enhancing Women’s Land Rights
  3. The Law of the Land
  4. Ethiopia Land Registration – mentions USAID’s LTA activity in Tanzania
  5. Lessons from Rwanda
  6. Legitimate Land Tenure
  7. The Addax Bioenergy Experience
  8. Public-Private Partnerships
  9. Dialogue and Development in Ghana
  10. Land Tenure Regularisation – mentions USAID’s MAST and LTA activity in Tanzania
  11. Mobile Tech: First Registration of Land – mentions USAID’s MAST and LTA activity in Tanzania
    Source (All): DAI


  1. Opinion: Where were the women at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference? (5/2/17)
    Source: Devex
  2. Interview: FAO land tenure expert Morten Hartvigsen. When it comes to land consolidation, everyone can win. (5/9/17)
    Source: Diplomatic Intelligence

Indigenous Peoples

  1. Celebrating indigenous peoples as nature’s stewards (5/2/17)
    Source: UNDP
  2. Indigenous lands ‘critical’ to forest protection in Peru, biodiversity maps show (5/5/17)
    Source: Mongabay
  3. UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues concludes with call to action (5/5/17)
    Source: United Nations
  4. Why Russia’s Indigenous People Are Wary of National Parks (5/9/17)
    Source: Arctic Deeply
  5. Brazilian farmers attack indigenous tribe with machetes in brutal land dispute (5/1/17)
    Source: The Guardian
  6. Brazil sacks head of indigenous agency amid land conflicts (5/5/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  7. Peru’s first autonomous Indigenous government wins major victory taking on oil companies (5/4/17)
    Source: Independant


  1. Ethiopia’s Deadly Rubbish Dump Landslide Sparks Land Rights Battle (5/3/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  2. Morroco: In a Fight for Land, a Woman’s Movement Shakes Morroco (5/7/17)
    Source: The New York Times
  3. Nigeria: Driving land reforms with technology (5/11/17)
    Source: The Nation
  4. Sierra Leone: Negotiating large-scale land deals in Sierra Leone: a paralegal approach (5/10/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  5. Uganda: The Lion and the Cow: Conservation, Pastoralism, and Conflict (4/28/17)
    Source: National Geographic


  1. India: 90% of Assam natives don’t have land-ownership papera (5/2/17)
    Source: The Economic Times
  2. India’s Indicators for Mapping SDGs Reveal Our Flawed Understanding of Sustainability (5/8/17)
    Source: The Wire
  3. Sri Lanka: Land dispute puts Sri Lanka tire plant project ‘on ice’ (5/3/17)
    Source: European Rubber Journal
  4. Philippines: Duterte’s old soldier seeks middle path to settle Philippine mining malaise (5/9/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation