Zambia Resources: Integrated Land and Resource Governance (ILRG)

Under the Integrated Land and Resource Governance (ILRG) program, a five-year global mechanism (2018-2023), USAID supported land use planning processes in Zambia’s wildlife and forestry sectors, improved access to low cost and accessible land documentation for communities, and developed strategies to more equitably and inclusively secure land and resource rights, especially for women. 

In Zambia, ILRG trained NGO leaders across the natural resource management sector to advance women’s rights, increase women’s leadership and empowerment within their organizations and communities, and initiate a community of practice for engagement on gender issues. ILRG worked with the Zambia Department of National Parks, local conservation NGOs, members of the private sector and local communities to increase the recruitment and training of young women as community wildlife scouts.The activity also facilitated gender-inclusive elections for community natural resource management committees and strengthened the leadership capacity of women candidates to participate meaningfully in new leadership roles.

The team also supported first-time documentation of customary land rights in nine chiefdoms, with particular focus on increasing land documentation for women and youth. ILRG championed women’s land rights by creating safe space for traditional leaders to learn about and reflect on harmful gender norms that hinder women’s access to and ownership of land.  ILRG’s work fed into a larger national level policy effort to strengthen the enabling environment for increased land and resource rights in the country, including support for the passage of Zambia’s National Land Policy in 2021. 

Resources produced under the activity include manuals and facilitation guides focused on gender norms and social inclusion, manuals to support the governance of community resource boards, lessons learned on the gender integration process in land and governance elections, and best practices on engaging with the Government of Zambia on forestry and wildlife issues in the country. 

Community-Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) Governance Manuals: A set of booklets laying out key steps in the formation and governance of community resource boards (CRBs) in Zambia. These are designed to be a tool for CRBs and can help support NGOs to improve leadership, governance, and accountability. 

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Manuals and Implementation Resources: 

Final Reports and Lessons Learned Resources – Land and Natural Resources:

Final Reports and Lessons Learned Resources – Gender and Social Inclusion: