Human Wildlife Co-Existence in GMAs

Zambia Community-Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) Governance Manuals

The Wildlife Act (Act 14 of 2015) provides for Community Resources Boards (CRBs) to be formed from representatives from the Village Action Groups (VAGs). CRBs are responsible for community management of wildlife and other natural resources in Game Management Areas (GMAs) and Open Areas. One of the important aspects of this responsibility is to facilitate the co-existence between the people living in a GMA and the wildlife. Many of the resources that people living in the GMA rely on for their livelihoods are the same resources that wildlife use.

The Board in coordination with the Secretariat carries out the day to day running and administration of the CRB and is responsible for taking action on behalf of communities of the Chiefdom. This means that the Board is also responsible for supporting the members in their efforts to co-exist with wildlife.

While the Board members cannot be expected to carry out the actions to prevent or minimize losses due to wildlife, they are responsible for making sure that there are strategies and options for communities in the Chiefdom to use to prevent or minimize damage or losses due to wildlife.

Human-wildlife co-existence is a collection of strategies and actions that support people living in GMAs and open areas to minimize losses due to wildlife.

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