Brazil: REDD Readiness in Brazil

Completed Project
Project Countries: Brazil
Thematic Issues: Climate Change and Natural Resource Management
Project Duration: 2011 to 2013
Approximate Funding: $5,385,000

The REDD Readiness in Brazil project aimed to improve institutional capacities of governmental agencies, research institutions and local organizations to efficiently measure, report and monitor greenhouse gas emission. This contributed to the implementation of the national strategic plan on climate change mitigation launched by the government of Brazil in 2011.


  • Increase the capacity of state and municipal governments to reduce GHG emissions from land use and land use change.
  • Increase the adoption of land management best practices on private lands to reduce GHG emissions from land use and land use change.
  • Improve monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) capacity for REDD+, to estimate forest carbon available for market readiness.


  • Four municipalities in the State of Para signed the Municipal Pact for Zero Deforestation and completed property-level mapping of forest reserves and land tenure registration.
  • Four municipalities removed from the 50 municipalities on the Environment Ministry’s deforestation watch list.
  • 5,157 private properties in the State of Para and 269 in the State of Mato Grosso were registered in the States’ Environmental Licensing and Monitoring System (SIMLAM).
  • An additional 4 million hectares under control and monitoring by state level environmental agencies.