Haiti: Land Administration and Management Project (LAMP)

Completed Project
Project Countries: Haiti
Thematic Issues: Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance
Project Duration: 2014 to 2016
Approximate Funding: $600,000

Under the USAID-funded Land Administration and Management Program (LAMP), Habitat for Humanity, in collaboration with the Haiti Property Law Working Group (HPLWG), worked to improve understanding among relevant stakeholders of the need for clear, well-documented and legal land transactions to promote much-needed earthquake reconstruction and long-term development.


The lack of clarity regarding land tenure in Haiti impedes critical urban and rural economic development. Housing developers and commercial enterprises are reluctant to build on land without clear ownership; farmers and other rural land users hesitate to make long-term investments in irrigation, agricultural processing, or forest cover without secure tenure.

Project activities

The major activities of the program included:

  • Increasing the outreach and awareness of Manual 1: “A How-to Guide for the Legal Sale of Property” to help Haitians, NGOs and international investors understand the processes for legally buying and selling land in Haiti and for protecting various property rights including the rights of women;
  • Completing and disseminating Manual 2: “Securing Land Rights in Haiti: A Practical Guide” while recruiting a cadre of trainers for further propagation; and
  • Providing policymaking recommendations to Government of Haiti stakeholders to further land policy, administration and management reforms.