Mozambique Resources: Integrated Land and Resource Governance (ILRG)

Under the Integrated Land and Resource Governance (ILRG) program, a five-year global mechanism (2018-2023), USAID worked with private sector partners to strengthen community land and resource rights in Mozambique. 

ILRG’s work in Mozambique has helped strengthen the enabling environment for increased community land and resource rights and has also informed national government policies including the on-going land reform process. As part of this work, ILRG partnered with several private sector companies to help improve tenure security for local farming communities. These included:

  • Illovo Sugar Africa Ltd: ILRG helped develop and test new approaches to improve tenure security in areas surrounding Illovo’s sugar estate to mitigate operational, financial, and reputational risks, while also fostering resilience and increasing opportunities for social and economic empowerment in the communities. 
  • Portucel: ILRG helped to increase the company’s access to timber by piloting an outgrower scheme in Zambézia Province, primarily in communities where communal and family lands had already been delimited and registered. 
  • Grupo Madal: ILRG helped implement innovative and inclusive approaches for the company to reduce land-based conflict, resolve land disputes, increase land security for smallholder farmers, and promote economically viable use of land to benefit both rural families and the company. 
  • Green Resources: ILRG helped the company divest itself from underutilized land holdings in a responsible manner that benefited local communities

Finally, ILRG worked in Sofala Province, which has experienced large internal human displacement from back-to-back cyclones in 2019, to increase the capacity of decentralized authorities to plan for, manage, facilitate, and/or mitigate land-related disasters.

Resources produced under these activities include gender and social inclusion assessments, case studies on each of the private sector partnerships, and final lessons learned reports on various workstreams. 

Manuals and Implementation Resources

Final Reports and Lessons Learned Resources: