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Scaling and Sustaining MAST

Developed with USAID support, Mapping Approaches for Securing Tenure (MAST) combines participatory land mapping with flexible technology to temporarily fill service gaps in land administration and to supplement official land information systems, and ultimately improve long-term governance of community land and resources. MAST aims to enable communities to document and secure their land and resource…Read More

Applying MAST for Enhanced Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Outcomes

Research finds that strengthening women’s land and resource rights positively impacts women’s empowerment and decision-making capacity. Yet laws and practices across much of the world hinder women’s access to these critical assets. USAID has helped address this inequity over the past decade through Mapping Approaches for Securing Tenure (MAST), a blend of participatory land mapping…Read More

Lessons from the Field: Operational Lessons from Delimiting Community and Family Lands

Introduction This learning brief captures some lessons learned from practical implementation of the Mobile Approaches to Secure Tenure (MAST) approach, known as Community Value Land Chain (CaVaTeCo) in Mozambique. These lessons were provided by staff of field teams and the back office technical support team, based on experience in the Integrated Land and Resources Governance…Read More

Gender-Based Violence and Land Documentation & Administration in Zambia: Emerging Lessons from Implementation

This brief draws from USAID’s experience supporting systematic land documentation in Zambia to further advance awareness and knowledge about the relationship between gender-based violence (GBV) and the access, use, and control of land and property. It aims to inform current and future design and implementation of programs that promote land-based investment and land rights (particularly…Read More

Overview: MAST and LTS

LTS: An Inclusive, Integrated Approach LTS begins its engagement by conducting a feasibility assessment to better understand how MAST might help a mission more efficiently achieve its goals. MAST can add value to a wide variety of projects, including those working to achieve broader development outcomes such as promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment, initiating…Read More

Fact Sheet: Land Technology Solutions

WHY LAND MATTERS Hundreds of millions of people around the world lack documented land rights. Lack of documentation weakens farmers’ and communities’ hold over their most important asset – land – disincentivizing critical long-term investments that improve harvests and lives. Strengthening land tenure and property rights is critical for: Promoting stability by preventing and mitigating conflict over land…Read More