Mobile Application to Secure Tenure (MAST) in Tanzania

Performance Evaluation

This report presents the findings, conclusions, and recommendations from a performance conducted by the E3 Analytics and Evaluation Project evaluation Development (USAID) Mobile Application to Secure Tenure (MAST) pilot. This performance evaluation concentrates on the first of three sites in which MAST was implemented: the village of Ilalasimba, in the Iringa district in Tanzania. MAST was implemented there from January to June 2015 and was intended to ground truth the methodology that USAID and its implementing partner plan to use in subsequent pilot sites under the MAST project.

The evaluation purpose is to provide USAID and its implementing partners with practical information on the MAST model and draw lessons to refine the implementation approach for future MAST pilot sites, which may inform the scaling on the MAST technology and methodology with the support of the Government of Tanzania (GoT), USAID, or other donors.

Findings were presented at the 2016 Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty as well as USAID’s Mobile Application to Secure Tenure (MAST) Lessons Learned Workshop on June 3, 2016. Documents, including the PowerPoint presentations, and Lessons Learned Report and Executive Summary, are available below in addition to the report.