USAID Resilience ANCHORS Activity Fact Sheet


USAID Resilience ANCHORS Activity Fact Sheet Zimbabwe is a USAID “Resilience Focus” country. Its local natural resource management systems present a unique opportunity to build a comprehensive resilience approach (which investigates how people and nature can best manage in the face of disturbances) to support communities near protected zones and associated wildlife corridors. Protected areas like the Mid-Zambezi Valley, Save Valley Conservancy, and Gonarezhou National Park are considered “resilience anchors” to allow for multifaceted approaches to reduce people’s chronic vulnerability to climatic shocks and economic challenges. These “resilience anchors” can provide economic opportunities for communities while conserving their natural resources.

Project Goal

To increase the capacity of communities to sustainably protect and manage their natural resources and the wildlife economy (based on the conviction that nature is an economic asset), in anticipation of future shocks and stresses, through the implementation of a range of strategic interventions. Resilience ANCHORS works with Zimbabwean organizations and the private sector to achieve this goal.