TGCC Quarterly Report: October – December 2017

The Tenure and Global Climate Change (TGCC) program provides the United States Agency for International Development with the opportunity to explore the relationship between the governance of agriculture, forests, and fisheries landscapes and the achievement of sustainable land use and resilient communities through analysis, field work, and policy engagement. During this quarter, activities included:

Zambia: The Petauke District Land Alliance (PDLA) began the distribution of customary land certificates following the installation of Chief Sandwe, and also completed a site plan for over 1,000 parcels in Ukwimi Resettlement Area. Following the completion of impact evaluation data collection, the Chipata District Land Alliance (CDLA) began completing demarcation and claims in additional villages in Mkanda and Maguya Chiefdoms. TGCC carried out a training on land governance with the House of Chiefs, and integrated customary data into the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. TGCC supported the participation of government, civil society, and chiefs at the African Union’s Land Policy Conference in Ethiopia.

Burma: In Burma local civil society organization (CSO) partners completed community mapping of village tract boundaries and resources, as well as associated local outreach with government and broader communities. TGCC held a series of events to document lessons learned across these CSO partners and with state and regional government and to integrate lessons into broader practices.

Vietnam, Mangroves, and Marine Tenure: In Vietnam, the field team completed the dissemination of coastal spatial plans and worked on the documentation of the process, as well as broader community outreach on coastal zone management. The team also finalized mangrove co-management discussions and an assessment report. Results were shared at a national level workshop with other mangrove related activities from across the country. Preparations are underway for a mangroves webinar to be held in 2018. TGCC drafted two journal articles for publication on the marine tenure work.

TFA 2020: Activities in Ghana were completed with the delivery of farm seal documents from TGCC partner Landmapp and the completion of land tenure training. Private sector and civil society partners participated in a Lessons Learned workshop in December to disseminate project findings. TGCC partner World Resources Institute (WRI) completed the Tierras Indigenas platform and launched it with local partners in Paraguay in November 2017.

Challenges: TGCC encountered few notable challenges this past quarter.

Priorities: In the coming quarter, TGCC will focus on documenting lessons learned and sharing outcomes, primarily in Washington, but also through social media and with partner missions.