Property Rights and Artisanal Diamond Development (PRADD) Pilot Program – Central African Republic: Consultant Report on National Workshop on Property Rights in Mining Areas and Alluvial Diamond Chain of Custody

The Property Rights and Artisanal Diamond Development (PRADD) pilot project in the Central African Republic (CAR) was launched in April 2007. In an effort to define the baseline situation in CAR, one of PRADD’s first activities was to undertake reviews of mining policy and of the legislation that regulates property rights to land and natural resources (forests, water) in diamond mining areas. On July 2-3, 2007 PRADD organized a two-day workshop in Bangui to discuss and debate the preliminary results of the policy reviews with a view to facilitating identification by project partners of opportunities and constraints to strengthen the property rights of artisanal miners and improve alluvial diamond chain-of-custody information availability and management.