PRADD CAR Quarterly Report March 2012

The two lawsuits between PRADD and its former Boda Administrator Mozane Demokoy went through many new developments. After the hearing of the Labor Court in early January, the third postponement of the verdict by the vice-judge and the summoning of PRADD’s Administrative Coordinator to “informal” meetings to solicit bribes – proved irregularities were at work behind the scene. PRADD was found guilty of abusive contract termination and sentenced to a fine of $6,300. PRADD appealed the decision, and the hearing of the Appeal Court is scheduled for the next quarter. Meanwhile, PRADD called on the Minister of Mines to demand more transparency and justice. A couple of weeks later, when the Criminal Court subpoenaed the parties for the other lawsuit (PRADD pressing charges against Mr. Demokoy for retaining his work computer one month after his contract termination), the Prosecutor declared the Ministry co-plaintiff, postponed the hearing, arrested and jailed Mr. Demokoy until further notice. Mr. Demokoy, who has been behind bars for the past two months, is reportedly in good health.

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