Market Analysis: Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Gold (ASM) from Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

USAID-funded Commercially-Viable and Conflict-Free Gold Program (CVCFG)

The ASM gold market analysis, with a specific focus on the DRC, shall provide information on the current market actors’ interests and the structural and perceived challenges and drivers of trading and/or investing in ASM gold, and specifically ASM gold originating from eastern DRC. As well as reviewing the demand for ASM gold, this report includes a broader analysis of the ASM gold supply chain to define the broader market system and define motivations and barriers at the different stages of gold extraction, trade, sourcing and investment. The key objectives of the market analysis are summarized below.

Mapping the ASM gold supply chain from the DRC

The market analysis looks into the full supply chain, from mine to consumer, to identify the key market actors, how the supply chain works and which inter-connections and roles have to be taken into account when trying to build a commercially viable, conflict-free and responsible supply chain from eastern DRC.

Profile the current market demand for ASM gold

An assessment of the current demand for ASM gold globally, as well as from the DRC specifically, to better identify the factors that contribute to refiners, jewelers and potentially other buyers procuring ASM gold.

Identify motivations and barriers (i.e. trade, financial and market) to sourcing ASM gold from eastern DRC and explore existing solutions

Research into motivations and barriers that currently, or that could potentially, sustain or diminish demand for ASM gold from eastern DRC. This provides insight into the barriers that need to be addressed in order to set up a successful and commercially viable supply chain, and also identifies the factors which can be leveraged as motivators for the different supply chain actors. The next phase of this market analysis includes a deep dive into market failures, which will lead to a more detailed interpretation of these barriers and will focus on identifying solutions that are either already in place or could be developed through the engagement of relevant market actors.

Inform the private sector engagement and marketing strategy of the project and set the context for engaging market actors and stakeholders to implement solutions

This includes engagement with private sector and other relevant stakeholders to raise awareness of the project and collect information on market demand, current behavior and attitudes towards ASM gold.

The market analysis will enable the CVCFG program to better profile and identify supply chain actors and private sector partners to engage in the creation of a commercially viable, conflict-free and responsible ASM gold supply chain. The program needs to work with partners to support and build solutions for trade, sourcing and investment in ASM gold.