EPI Report: NGO Strengthening Women Inclusion

Georgian NGOs working at the intersection of women and economic development are well positioned to support the inclusion of more women-owned SMEs and farm families (including women and youth) in Georgia EPI value chain activities. Many Georgian NGOs and private consultants deliver business skills training. The trainer quality is uneven, and the curriculum is often generic and lacks relevancy to a specific value chain. By building the capacity of women- and youth-focused Georgian NGOs to develop their curriculum design skills and focus group methodology to design relevant, stimulating curriculum, these NGOs will be better prepared to support Georgian women working in EPI value chains. Competitive Georgian women business leaders and women-focused business associations have potential to model leadership and mentor young men and women entrepreneurs.

This report describes two activities to build NGO capacity:

  • To design and adapt business skills curriculum, providing the potential to improve the sustainability of the NGOs and deliver a positive impact on women and youth involved in or who want to start businesses.
  • To explore leadership and mentoring potential among women’s business associations and successful women business owners.