EPI Public Private Dialogue: Construction Sector

A Public Private Dialogue (PPD) took place among representatives of Georgia’s apparel companies, the National Bank of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, and Georgian National Investment Agency. The purpose of the meeting was to identify major challenges and issues that inhibit successful operation of the apparel industry, as well as ensure a comprehensive understanding of trends, challenges, and solutions.

Participants shared their experience, knowledge, views and concerns, and jointly elaborated recommendations, the successful enactment of which requires support from the Government of Georgia, financial institutions, media and other relevant parties.

The Public Private Dialogue (PPD) pinpointed major challenges in the construction sector that prevent successful development and implementation of modern techniques.

Useful recommendations can be summarized as follows:

  • Government support through the introduction of a legal framework regulating compliance with necessary standards aimed at ensuring high quality construction.
  • Support from financial institutions by offering reasonable interest rates.
  • Support from donor organizations in terms of facilitating the enactment of a legal framework.
  • Increased awareness of technical characteristics and effective use of basalt fiber and perlite construction materials.
  • Support for training and laboratory testing.
  • Support and promotion of energy-efficient construction through tax incentives.
  • Enhanced workforce capacity through relevant retraining, to increase the competitiveness of local staff.


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