BPRP Assessment: Women’s Leadership

This assessment report is a result of the field trip conducted by two consultants from Partners for Democratic Change, Olivia Baciu and Eugene Ntaganda, from November 30-December 26, 2008. The assessment constituted the first activity under the women’s leadership component (5.2) for year two of USAID’s Burundi Policy Reform Program.

The assessment laid the foundation for a targeted approach to helping Burundian women provide leadership in a way that supports a more informed transparent and inclusive approach to policy development. The assessment had two objectives:

  1. To provide data to ensure that all three tasks of the component are geared towards the level of the target groups specified in the work plan, giving a comprehensive picture of women’s current skills and capacity needs in conflict mitigation and anti-corruption programming.
  2. To advance the design of work for all three tasks of the component:
    1. For Task 5.2.1: providing recommendations for participation of target groups of Burundian women at international conferences;
    2. For Task 5.2.2: providing recommendations about the content of training that will help the target groups participate more actively in the political process;
    3. For Task 5.2.3: providing recommendations for the design of the trainings in conflict mitigation and fight against corruption.

This report builds its recommendations on the detailed assessment report attached in Annex 1, in French, which includes data gathered from the target groups through structured interviews and questionnaires. This report presents briefly the methodology, the findings for each group, and recommendations under all three tasks of the Women’s Leadership Component.