BPRP Annual Work Plan: Year 2

This work plan covers Year 2 of the Burundi Policy Reform Program, from October 2008 through September 2009. In Year 2, as required by Change Order 0001, the program will address Congressional earmarks on water and women’s leadership, women in development, and victims of torture (VOT), as well as activities related to anti-corruption and electoral policy reform. Although the policy topics will change from those addressed in Year 1, the project will continue to serve as a facilitator “building constructive relationships between the executive, civil society, and the media through support for participatory policy processes.” The project will also continue to work with a range of ministries, with the Ministry of Good Governance as our ministry of reference.

Following the structure of Section III of the change order, we have organized our Year 2 work according to four components (although for budgeting and invoicing purposes, the women’s leadership component will be split into women’s leadership and women in development). The four components are as follows:

  • 5.1: Water Resources Management
  • 5.2: Women’s Leadership
  • 5.3: Victims of Torture
  • 5.4: Elections and Political Processes

This work plan was developed in two phases. The first phase involved preparation of Chemonics’ proposal in response to the change order. The October 16 version of that proposal contained three sections for each component: an overview of the situation in Burundi, our understanding of the work to be accomplished, and our general approach to the component. The second phase, the work planning per se, built on the proposal, adding a fourth section for each component, called Organization of the Work. In late December, USAID provided comments on the document and we have incorporated the suggestions in this version.Therefore, for each component below, sections 1-3 repeat material already submitted and reviewed by USAID during the proposal phase. The material from the second phase, is found in each section 4. To assure consistency, the original sections include minor adjustments in the tasks, expected results, and activities to reflect agreements with the contracting officer between October 16 (date of the most recent technical proposal) and October 27 (the most recent cost proposal).


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