BPRP Annual Report: Year 4

This annual report presents the results of the Burundi Policy Reform Program’s work during Year 4. As in previous years, the work was accomplished through efforts of the project team, several national and international consultants, as well as a range of civil society organizations, media organizations, and ministries, including the Ministry of Good Governance, the project’s ministry of reference. Following this overview, this report covers:

  • Activities from the Year 4 scope of work and a few activities carried over from the Year 3 scope of work
  • Table of indicators and targets
  • The monitoring and evaluation report (in the annex)


Year 4’s timeline includes some noteworthy points regarding the scope of work:

  • In the beginning of Year 4, the project continued working on selected activities from the Year 3 scope of work pending receipt of the Year 4 scope of work.
  • Grants and good governance project activities completed from July-September 2011 are included in this report and there will not be a separate report for the fourth quarter.
  • The project submitted its Year 4 work plan on October 15, 2010 and the work plan was approved on November 10th 2010.
  • On April 26, 2011 the Parliament adopted the new land code and the Senate subsequently adopted the code on June 30, 2011. The President of the Republic signed the new land code on August 9, 2011 thus the project did not have enough time to complete land code implementation activities within the contract period. USAID was kept informed of the status of these activities.

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