BPRP Annual Report: Year 2

This annual report presents the results of the project’s work during Year 2. This work was accomplished through the efforts of the project team, a number of local and international consultants, as well as a range of civil society organizations and ministries, including the Ministry of Good Governance, the project’s ministry of reference.

This report includes an overview, sections on each of the four components plus the supplementary work done on land, an indicator table measuring the project’s performance according to indicators for each component, and summary financial information. The annexes contain the monitoring and evaluation report, as well as reports and report extracts of possible interest.


A change order effective October 1, 2008 introduced a new scope of work for Year 2, which included earmarks on water, women’s leadership, women in development, and victims of torture, as well as activities related to elections. The project presented a work plan on October 31 and Modification 3 signed on November 20 set out the final version of the new scope of work, which prescribed specific tasks and expected results for each component. The work plan was revised following discussions with USAID and approved on January 8, 2009.


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