Land Matters Media Scan – 29 June 2018

Photo by: Ollivier Girard / CIFOR Photo. Planting Gnetum (okok) in the village of Minwoho, Lekié, Center Region, Cameroon.

Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items:


  1. Risky business: Tenure Issues Main Deterrent for Investment – mentions the Investor Survey On Land Rights 2018 (6/19/18)
    Source: CIFOR
  2. Are Medium-Scale Farms Driving Agricultural Transformation in Africa? (6/21/18)
    Source: Agrilinks
  3. Designing the LandPKS App: Guidelines for Developing a Global App (6/20/18)
    Source: Land-Potential Knowledge System
  4. Evaluation of the Community Land Protection Program in Liberia (6/20/18)
    Source: USAID CLPP Liberia
  5. USAID Land Champion: Stephen Brooks (6/21/18)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  6. Farmers Need to Start Seeing their Farms as a Business (6/18/18)
    Source: USAID LRDP Colombia

Upcoming Events

  1. The Liberia Land Rights Act (7/9-30/18)
    Source: Land Portal Foundation

Reports and Publications

  1. How Land Reform Can Help Reduce Terrorism in Pakistan (6/21/18)
    Source: The Diplomat
    Related report: Punjab Land Records Management and Information Systems Project
  2. IMF Releases Paper on Foreign Direct Investment in Farm Land (6/23/18)
    Source: Devdiscourse
    Related report: The Globalization of Farmland: Theory and Empirical Evidence
  3. “Gender, Land and Mining in Pastoralist Tanzania” – New Report from WOLTS Team (6/20/18)
    Source: Land Portal Foundation
    Related report: Gender, Land and Mining in Pastoralist Tanzania


  1. How to Take Forest Landscape Restoration to the Next Level (6/18/18)
    Source: CIFOR
  2. Grassroots Participation is the Key to Closing the Data and Gender Gaps (6/11/18)
    Source: Women Deliver

Indigenous Peoples

  1. 5 Ways Indigenous Groups are Fighting Back Against Land Seizures (6/20/18)
    Source: World Resources Institute
  2. Chile: ‘We Burned the Forest’: The Indigenous Chileans Fighting Loggers with Arson (6/14/18)
    Source: The Guardian
  3. Guyana: Protecting Forests by Protecting Rights (6/27/18)
    Source: Rainforest Foundation
  4. Honduras: Indigenous Garifuna Use Radio to Fight for their Land (6/25/18)
    Source: Mongabay
  5. Peru: Indigenous People in the Amazon are Using Drones to Save their Land (6/7/18)
    Source: Fast Company
  6. Thailand: Verdict a Blow to Customary Land Rights (6/16/18)
    Source: Bangkok Post


  1. Kenya: State Launches New Policy to Tackle Land Woes (6/13/18)
    Source: Daily Nation
  2. Women Call on Liberia’s Weah to Keep His Promise of Equal Land Rights (6/20/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. South Africa: Bungled Land Claims have Created Tinderboxes in SA’s Rural Areas (6/15/18)
    Source: Business Day
  4. Uganda: Greater Rights for Women in Uganda Lead to Large-scale Reforestation Initiative (6/18/18)
    Source: GLF
  5. Uganda: A Land Eviction Portal in Uganda has been Launched to Track and Document Land Evictions (6/20/18)
    Source: Witness Radio

The Americas

  1. ‘Narco-deforestation’ May Boost Disaster Risks in Central America (6/20/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  2. Brazil: Competing Claims Complicate Land Ownership for Brazil’s Slave Descendants (6/20/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation


  1. India: Odisha is Breaking the Patriarchy, One Deed at a Time (6/23/18)
    Source: Livemint
  2. India: Caste-based Killing in India Over Land Prompts Call for Government Action (6/25/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. Indonesia: How Corrupt Elections Fuel the Sell-off of Indonesia’s Natural Resources (6/7/18)
    Source: Mongabay
  4. Philippines: Community Takes Lead to Rebuild Philippine City after Siege (6/22/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation