What’s New on LandLinks – 23 February 2018

Photo by: John Dwyer / The Cloudburst Group

In lieu of our weekly scan of recent land tenure and resource management media items, we are highlighting the latest content on LandLinks at the end of each month. In case you missed it, here is a roundup of the new content on LandLinks, from USAID land-related project documents to blogs by our land experts, and more:

USAID LandLinks Blogs & Events

  1. Gaining Ground in 2017 (1/30/18)
  2. USAID Land Champion: Zemen Haddis, PhD (2/6/18)
  3. Webinar: Mangrove Forest Restoration and Management: Social & Governance Dimensions (2/15/18)
  4. Land Tenure and Property Rights MOOC 3.0 (1/8-4/15/18)

Colombia: Land and Rural Development Project (LRDP)

  1. Historical Land Decree for Women (2/7/18)
  2. Cassava and the Next Generation (2/23/18)

Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS)

  1. LandCover: A Mobile Tool for Vegetation Monitoring (2/21/18)

Tajikistan: Land Market Development Activity (LMDA) Project

  1. LMDA Success Story: Simplified Registration Offices for Immovable Property Rolled Out in Nine Districts of Khatlon Region (1/30/18)

Ukraine: Agriculture and Rural Development Support (ARDS) Project

  1. ARDS Success Story: Land of Plenty: Helping Communities Realize the Benefits of Rural Land (2/21/18)
  2. ARDS Video: Land Management in Consolidated Territorial Community of Kipti (2/21/18)