Land Matters Media Scan – 19 January 2018

Photo by: John Dwyer / The Cloudburst Group

Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items:


  1. “Gender, Land and Mining in Mongolia” – new report from WOLTS team – cites USAID LandLinks’ Mongolia country profile and other research (1/10/18)
    Source: Mokoro
    Related report: Gender, Land and Mining in Mongolia
  2. The Data Revolution Should Not Leave Women and Girls Behind – cites Susan Markham, USAID’s Senior Coordinator for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (1/9/18)
    Source: Inter Press Service
  3. USAID Land Champion: Daler Asrorov (1/11/18)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  4. Ownership, Simplified (1/12/18)
    Source: USAID Colombia LRDP
  5. USAID joins first ASEAN Land Governance Summit in Manila (1/18/18)
    Source: USAID SURGE Cities Development Initiative Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  1. Land Tenure and Property Rights MOOC 3.0 (1/8-4/15/18)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  2. Customary Land Recognition: Zambian Approach to Documentation and Administration (1/15-2/6/18)
    Source: Land Portal Foundation
  3. Making Rangelands More Secure (1/29-2/9/18)
    Source: International Land Coalition / Land Portal Foundation

Reports and Publications

  1. From the Ground Up: Multi-Level Accountability Politics in Land Reform in the Philippines (1/5/18)
    Source: Accountability Research Center
    Related report: From the Ground Up: Multi-Level Accountability Politics in Land Reform in the Philippines


  1. What is counted will count: why getting SDG land indicators to Tier I matters (1/5/18)
    Source: Land Portal Foundation
  2. A new UN declaration could finally protect rural and landless peoples (1/4/18)
    Source: OpenGlobalRights

Indigenous Peoples

  1. U.N. lambasts Latin America for abusing indigenous rights (1/11/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  2. Defiance of the Mapuche (1/11/18)
    Source: Al Jazeera
  3. Brazil: Kunumi MC, the indigenous rapper protecting his people’s land (1/12/18)
    Source: BBC
  4. Indonesian villages see virtually zero progress in program to manage peatlands (1/15/18)
    Source: Mongabay
  5. Kenya: EU suspends its support for Water Towers in view of reported human rights abuses (1/18/18)
    Source: Land Portal Foundation
  6. The Philippines: Video: Indigenous Filipinos risk their lives to defend their land (1/11/18)
    Source: France 24
  7. Venezuela’s Mining Arc boom sweeps up Indigenous people and cultures (1/15/18)
    Source: Mongabay


  1. Cape Verde: Land Rights Open Economic Opportunities in Cabo Verde (1/9/18)
    Source: Millenium Challenge Corporation
  2. Ethiopia: Women’s Land Rights and the Problem of Polygamy: A Proposal in Ethiopia (1/17/18)
    Source: DAI
  3. Kenya: End of conflict in sight as herders agree to leave Kitui (1/8/18)
    Source: Daily Nation
  4. Liberia: Double Land Sale Fueling Land Dispute in Liberia (1/17/18)
    Source: Front Page Africa
  5. Nigeria holds mass burial for 73 people killed in communal violence (1/11/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  6. Is South Africa’s ANC bent on radical policies? Here’s why the answer is no (1/9/18)
    Source: The Conversation
  7. South Africa: ANC president pledges to carry out land reform (1/8/18)
    Source: Xinhua Net
  8. Uganda: “First, know your rights”- networks for resolving land conflicts in northern Uganda (1/15/18)
    Source: SaferWorld
  9. Zimbabwe urgently needs a new land administration system (1/14/18)
    Source: The Conversation


  1. Colombia: Undecided land claims in Colombia put slave descendants at risk, study says (1/17/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation


  1. Denied land, Indian women stake claims in collectives (1/10/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  2. The Philippines: LMB bats for single office to tackle land issues nationwide (1/18/18)
    Source: Update