Land Matters Media Scan – 15 September 2017

Photo by: Joel Redman / If Not Us Then Who?

Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items:


  1. Does De Facto Forest Tenure Affect Forest Condition? Community Perceptions from Zambia (9/6/17)
    Source: USAID LandLinks / Forest Policy and Economics

Reports and Publications

  1. Better land use and management critical for achieving the 2030 Agenda, says a new UN report (9/12/17)
    Source: UNDP
  2. Land Tenure Tensions in Maputo. A Study of the Neighborhood of Polana Caniço (9/11/17)
    Source: Institut Français des Relations Internationales
    Related report: Land Tenure Tensions in Maputo: A Study of the Neighborhood of Polana Caniço
  3. The road to zero deforestation food (9/7/17)
    Source: Oxfam
    Related report: Pathways to Deforestation-Free Food: Developing supply chains free of deforestation and exploitation in the food and beverage sector

Upcoming Events

  1. Ask the Experts: Webinar on the Future of Land-Related Indicators in the 2030 Agenda (9/18/17)
    Source: Land Portal


  1. In fight for secure land rights, corporations and communities find common ground (9/7/17)
    Source: Devex
  2. Success in Manama Hinges on GLII Partners’ Momentum and Focus (9/12/17)
    Source: Land Portal
  3. The Fight for Land Rights is the Fight for the Forests (9/11/17)
    Source: Rainforest Action Network

Indigenous Peoples

  1. PMO nudges tribal affairs ministry to set deadline for granting land rights to tribals (9/8/17)
    Source: Hindustan Times
  2. Native communities in danger in Argentina (9/11/17)
    Source: openDemocracy
  3. Six farmers shot dead over land rights battle in Peru (9/6/17)
    Source: The Guardian
  4. ‘They lied’: Bolivia’s untouchable Amazon lands at risk once more (9/11/17)
    Source: The Guardian
  5. ‘Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Members Are Reported Killed in Brazil (9/10/17)
    Source: The New York Times
  6. Cameroon forest people: Land rights abuses threaten survival (9/13/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation


  1. Mahama urges women to invest in agriculture (9/12/17)
    Source: GhanaWeb
  2. Malawi: Expert says controversy continues to surround land issues in Malawi (9/8/17)
    Source: Nyasa Times
  3. YES! Malian women make progress in fight for land rights (8/23/17)
    Source: ONE
  4. Uganda: Govt asks for more time to rewrite amendment to land acquisition law (9/10/17)
    Source: The EastAfrican
  5. Zimbabwe: Pay rentals or move out, farmers told (9/7/17)
    Source: The Herald
  6. Zimbabwe: Government duty-bound on land use (9/7/17)
    Source: The Herald


  1. Argentina: Property rights and poverty reduction: Effects of land titling on Argentina’s urban poor (9/5/17)
    Source: VoxDev
  2. Barbudans to get title ownerships of lands they occupy (9/12/17)
    Source: The Daily Observer
  3. Brazilian officials seek land rights for rainforest dwellers at risk (9/8/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation


  1. Burma: Will land seized by the military ever be returned? (9/10/17)
    Source: Frontier Myanmar
  2. China extends rural land reform trial to end-2018 (9/12/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. India: Climate change, womens land rights inter-related: Speaker (9/7/17)
    Source: India Today / PTI
  4. India: Monsoon session: Land rights to slum-dwellers on agenda (9/7/17)
    Source: Orissa Post


  1. Georgia: Land Deeds Follow the Money (9/11/17)
    Source: Georgia Today