Land Matters Media Scan – 26 May 2017

Photo by: Image from cover of Global Report on Internal Displacement. Photo by IOM/Muse Mohammed, February 2016

Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items:


  1. Job: The Development of Agriculture Land Use and Management Guidelines (6/2/17)
    Source: USAID Rwanda
  2. Northern Ghana benefits from USAID (5/16/17)
    Source: News Ghana

Upcoming and Past Events

  1. Webinar on Land Tenure in Tanzania (5/24/17)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  2. Conference to provide insight on land tenure, future skills for agriculture (5/23/17)
    Source: Biz Community
  3. Brazilian Journlists Invited to Apply for 4-Day “Reporting Land Rights” Course (5/23/17)
    Source: Pulitzer Center
  4. Gender Lens Program: Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4 (6/3/17 – 6/4/17)
    Source: Pulitzer Center

Reports and Publications

  1. Global Report on Internal Displacement (5/22/17)
    Source: IDMC
  2. Power and Potential: A Comparative Analysis of National Laws and Regulations Concerning Women’s Rights to Community Forests (5/24/17)
    Source: Rights and Resources
    Related: Unequal rights for indigenous, rural women endanger forest lands – researchers (5/24/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  3. Cocaine Is Destroying Forests in Central America (5/17/17)
    Source: Smithsonian
    Related report: A spatio-temporal analysis of forest loss related to cocaine trafficking in Central America (5/16/17)
  4. Afghanistan: Housing, Land and Property Factsheet (April 2017) (5/15/17)
    Source: Relief Web


  1. Africa’s Women are Still Waiting for Equal Inheritance Rights (5/24/17)
    Source: Landesa / Medium
  2. Shedding Light on the Land Sector – written by Tim Fella (5/19/17)
    Source: GIM International
  3. The Necessity of a Modern Cadastral System (5/19/17)
    Source: GIM International
  4. Access to land and property: the forgotten human right (5/22/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation

Indigenous Peoples

  1. Brazil farm lobby seeks to dismantle indigenous affairs agency (5/16/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  2. Brazil: Help protect our land from Brazilian government, asks tribal leader (5/19/17)
    Source: Devex
  3. Brazil: Only global protest can secure land rights and justice for Brazil’s Guarani people (5/24/17)
    Source: The Ecologist
  4. Colombia Police Shoot Indigenous People During Land Ceremony (5/9/17)
    Source: TeleSUR
  5. Paraguay: Losing their Land, Indigenous Peoples Turn to the Courts (5/19/17)
    Source: Open Society Foundations
  6. Kenya: African court to deliver landmark judgement on Ogiek Community land rights case against Kenyan community (5/22/17)
    Source: Intercontinental Cry
  7. India: Indigenous Indians to bury dead 18 months after bloody land rights clashes (5/23/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  8. Australia: Indigenous owners who defeated Cape York spaceport given back lands after 150 years (5/17/17)
    Source: The Guardian


  1. Cameroon: Forced from their forests, Cameroon’s female pygmies bear brunt of alcohol abuse (5/17/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  2. Tanzania: Why land rights for women are critical (5/16/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  3. Tanzania: CDA Dissolution Evokes Joy (5/16/17)
    Source: AllAfrica / Tanzania Daily News
  4. Kenyan lawyer takes on president in battle for rights (5/23/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  5. Kenya: How Drought and Politics Are Exacerbating Pastoralist Violence in Kenya (5/9/17)
    Source: World Politics Review (subscription req’d)
  6. Students in Kenya Block Streets With Desks to Protest Their School’s Demolition (5/15/17)
    Source: Foreign Policy
  7. Liberia: CFMB, CFDC Union Want Lawmakers Pass Land Rights Bill (5/19/17)
    Source: Daily Observer
  8. Zambia’s peasants at risk of becoming squatters on their own land – UN expert warns (5/12/17)
    Source: UN OHCHR


  1. Brazil, home of Amazon, rolls back environmental protection (5/15/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation
  2. Brazil: In world’s largest urban rainforest, it’s conservation vs. housing rights (5/24/17)
    Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation


  1. Burma: Land rights major risk for EU-Myanmar IPA (5/12/17)
    Source: Myanmar Times
  2. E China Takes Steps to Safeguard Rural Wives’ Land Rights (5/22/17)
    Source: Women of China
  3. India: Maharashtra: New policy to expedite transfer of government land gets nod (5/16/17)
    Source: The Indian Express
  4. India: Stage set for land pooling: Delhi government makes 89 villages urban areas (5/18/17)
    Source: The Economic Times


  1. Romania: Teren de Vanzare – Land for sale: Romanian peasants’ struggle against land grabbing (5/12/17)
    Source: Slow Food


  1. Indonesia: Wilmar appeals RSPO ruling that it grabbed indigenous lands in Sumatra (5/17/17)
    Source: Mongabay
  2. ‘Our country will vanish’: Pacific islanders bring desperate message to Australia (5/14/17)
    Source: The Guardian
  3. Philippines: DAR begins distribution of farm land to farmers in Tagum, Davao Del Norte (5/19/17)
    Source: UNTV
  4. Philippines: Bullets and bananas: The price farmers pay for your Cavendish bananas (5/22/17)
    Source: Astro Awani