Malawi Resources: Integrated Land and Resource Governance (ILRG)

Under the Integrated Land and Resource Governance (ILRG) program, a five-year global mechanism (2018-2023), USAID worked with the Government of Malawi to carry out a gender-responsive customary land documentation process in Traditional Land Management Area (TLMA) Mwansambo. Seventy percent of the population in Malawi, most of whom are smallholder farmers, live on customary land held by communities and administered by community leaders. Less than 10 percent have some form of land documentation. ILRG documented an entire TLMA in a year as a proof of concept to help inform the Government of Malawi’s national roll-out of a customary land documentation process across jurisdictions. While other donors have supported other land documentation pilot projects in Malawi in recent years, ILRG was the first to take a systematic gender lens to the work. Resources produced under the activity include manuals and facilitation guides for gender norms and social inclusion training for various stakeholders, reflections on the gender integration process, and lessons for the Government of Malawi on how to make future land documentation processes more cost-effective and efficient.

Manuals and Implementation Resources

Final Reports and Lessons Learned Resources: