Let Girls Learn

Launched in 2015, Let Girls Learn is a collaborative, whole of government approach to addressing the range of challenges preventing adolescent girls from attaining a quality education. Let Girls Learn implements part of the Girls Count Act, signed into law the same year, which supports girls to reach their full potential through, in part, promoting efforts that help secure land rights for women and girls by ensuring that they are registered at birth.

Birth registration is critical for improving access to critical services and it may help strengthen rights, including helping women and girls to secure property rights, home ownership, and inheritance rights. While registration is important for all individuals, it is particularly important for girls who are less likely globally to have their births officially registered.

Recognizing that adolescent girls face multiple challenges in pursuing an education, Let Girls Learn is employing a holistic approach to change the perception of the value of girls at the individual, community and institutional levels; foster an enabling environment for adolescent girls’ education; and engage and equip girls to make life decisions and important contributions to society. The initiative also supports a collaborative approach that enables USAID to work with other U.S. Government Agencies, and to partner with civil society and the private sector to address the range of challenges confronting adolescent girls around the world, building upon the broad portfolio of existing programs all aimed at addressing the complex and varied barriers preventing adolescent girls from attending and completing school and from realizing their potential as adults.

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