REDD+ Presentation


Washington, D.C.

On October 20, 2011, USAID’s Land Tenure and Property Rights Unit hosted a presentation on the results of a study titled “Research and Analysis of Carbon Rights and Institutional Mechanisms for Receiving and Distributing REDD+ Payments.”

The presentation was delivered by a team of researchers from TetraTech ARD and covered the research findings and tools developed as a result of a multitude of case studies and analyses across Africa, Asia and Latin America on approaches to defining carbon rights and related benefit sharing institutions.

The specific deliverables that were produced and were discussed included:

A report on opportunities to expand the devolution of rights to communities for forest management, including case studies;
A report on REDD+ and carbon rights, including case studies;
A guidebook on carbon rights legislation for USAID missions and technical staff;
A report on institutions for receiving and distributing carbon payments, including case studies;
An analytical tool for assessing current institutions and designing new institutions for REDD+ responsibilities.
Below are documents containing the presentations and supporting research.

Presentation Slides

Devolution of Forest Rights and Sustainable Forest Management
Presentation by Steven Lawry and Rebecca McLain

REDD+ and Carbon Rights: Lessons Learned from the Field
Presentation by Darryl Vhugen

Institutional Mechanisms for Sharing REDD+ Benefits
Presentation by Anne-Gaelle Javelle

Research Documents

New Publications on Climate Change, Carbon Rights, and Forest Governance


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