Panel Discussion: Ag Sector Council


On July 29, 2015, the Ag Sector Council will host the panel discussion, “This Land Is Whose Land? Navigating Issues of Land Rights and Governance.” Panelists will include:

Yuliya Neyman
Land Governance and Legal Advisor, USAID

Anthony Piaskowy
Land Tenure, Communications and Learning Specialist, USAID

Delilah Rothenberg
Managing Director, Development Capital Strategies

As the private sector increases investments in agricultural areas, the impacts on smallholder farmers as a result of weak land governance structures can compromise household resilience and even community food security.

Despite these challenges, USAID acknowledges that agricultural investments in land and other resources are happening in many developing areas and will likely continue into the foreseeable future.

This Ag Sector Council webinar will introduce USAID’s “Operational Guidelines for Responsible Land-Based Investment,” a new tool to help practitioners and private sector partners navigate the complex issues surrounding local land rights. Additionally, we will explore ways that practitioners can mitigate the negative effects of large-scale land acquisitions and ensure that smallholders and their communities remain food secure.


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