Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia

Private sector collaboration to promote an inclusive legal wildlife economy and reduce wildlife trafficking

Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia (WPAZ) is the only association representing producers of legal game in Zambia. From private wildlife estates and community game ranches to ornamental farms, WPAZ brings together a broad range of wildlife associations including safari operators and guides, the Crocodile Association, and the Zambia Community Resources Board Association. With USAID support since 2020, WPAZ is professionalizing its secretariat and investing in the sustainability of the association to promote an inclusive wildlife economy. WPAZ aims to consolidate the experience of its members, to grow the supply and demand of legal game meat, and support the increased inclusion of communities and customary land in the wildlife economy.


 Petauke District Land Alliance

Addressing natural resources and development planning

The Petauke District Land Alliance (PDLA) is a Zambian civil society organization advancing community rights to land and natural resources. Since 2016, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), PDLA has documented individual and community land rights in Petauke and Lusangazi Districts. This work is critical in resolving long-standing tensions over customary and state rights within a former resettlement area and in promoting improved planning in one of Zambia’s largest game management areas adjacent to South Luangwa National Park. PDLA’s partnership with district councils brings together customary chiefs, communities, and line ministries to make informed decisions on land use and the management of natural resources.



 Frankfurt Zoological Society

A partner in land rights and habitat protection around North Luangwa National Park

Frankfurt Zoological Society is an international conservation organization that focuses on maintaining biodiversity and conserving wildlife and ecosystems in protected areas and wild places. In Zambia, FZS supports the Department of National Parks with management of North Luangwa National Park and adjacent Game Management Areas. With USAID’s Integrated Land and Resource Governance Project, FZS is documenting land rights of households in two chiefdoms, supporting community forest management, and exploring the viability of community game ranching.



Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO)

Supporting rural livelihoods through wildlife management and community forests

COMACO, Community Markets for Conservation, is a social enterprise that supports wildlife conservation and small-scale farmers in Eastern Zambia. With the USAID-funded Integrated Land and Resource Governance Project, COMACO is strengthening community-based forest and wildlife management within two chiefdoms in Nyimba District. Thanks to USAID support, community forest management groups are registering their rights to natural resources and testing an approach to establish a community-managed game ranch.



Chipata District Land Alliance

Clarifying Land Rights in Eastern Zambia

The Chipata District Land Alliance (CDLA) is a civil society organization that focuses on advancing social and economic development by documenting the land rights of citizens in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Since 2014, with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), CDLA has partnered with six customary chiefs to pioneer lowcost, participatory methods of land documentation using mobile approaches to secure tenure, known as MAST. The organization uses data to improve dialogue and promote transparency and accountability in land use planning.


Zambia Community Resources Board Association

A national voice for local resource management organizations

The Zambia Community Resources Board Association (ZCRBA) is an umbrella organization that unites and amplifies the voices and supports the governance needs of the all 76 of Zambia’s community resources boards, also known as CRBs, and other community-based natural resource management organizations. The ZCRBA is widely recognized as the voice
of the rural communities who reside around national parks and especially in game management areas, protected forests, and fishery areas. The association ensures rural communities derive tangible and sustainable benefits from the sustainable use of natural resources.