Kenya Transition Initiative – Law Society of Kenya 2012 Audit Report

Project Title: “Keeping Momentum on Land Reforms Project”
Grantor: Kenya Transition Initiative

This report covers the entire project period which ran between 15th September 2011 to 30th April 2012. The objectives of the grant were:

a) Conduct an audit of the business processes in Thika, Nakuru, Mombasa and Nairobi Registries
b) To foster meaningful constituency engagement by training government officials within lands ministry on their roles and responsibilities with regard to governance and leadership.

The work plan comprised of the following four main outputs with corresponding activities to help in achieving the objectives set above.

  1. Constituting the program team
  2. Undertaking an audit of the business processes at designated pilot Land Registries
  3. Building capacity of lands officials on their roles and responsibility with regard to governance and leadership
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of the program

Video Transcript: More than a Piece of Paper

This video details the 8-step process PRADD developed to make the customary property rights of tribal communities visible within the structure of national statutory laws. The PRADD process helps the miners document customary property rights claims, eventually moving towards legalizing those claims at the government level and making it easier to trace the diamonds they find with the Kimberley Process. Video Transcript: More than a piece of paper.

Video Transcript: Diamonds, Development, and Property Rights

This video details the problems faced by diamond miners working with alluvial diamonds in the Central African Republic, and the challenges of affirming property rights at the grass roots level. The video briefly summarizes the 8-step process PRADD developed to translate customary rights into statutory rights. The process combines community development techniques to identify, organize, and motivate miners with GPS devices to precisely locate the mining claims.