Video Transcript: USAID’s Mobile Application to Secure Tenure (MAST)

The project is aiming to test the using of a mobile application to capture land right information, mapping the parcels and so far, the project is a pilot project which is tested in three villages in Iringa Rural District, in Ilalasimba [and] Itagutwa now. The application has done so many things.

Such as training them on the land law and land right with the focus to the right of women in attaining land.

My name is Pendo Alex Ng’asi, and I am 18 years old. I am happy about MAST because I’ve got employment. Secondly, here with MAST, we have mapped people’s farms, so that they can get their CCROs [Certificates of Customary Rights of Occupancy] because having the CCRO helps to resolve conflicts. Also, it helps people to obtain loans because it shows the value [of the land]. For children, the CCRO helps them understand the boundaries of the farms they will inherit.

It has also really expanded my knowledge, for example, to know the boundaries of the village, and the areas which have been designated for different uses here in the village.

In Itagutwa, we have managed to measure over 1,000 parcels through [the] mobile application and the application is very familiar and very simple.

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