USAID/Vietnam Sustainable Forest Management Activity FY2024 Q1 Report: Oct – Dec 2023

Executive Summary

The USAID Vietnam Sustainable Forest Management Activity (the Project) team is pleased to present the Fiscal Year 4, Quarter 1 Progress Report, which summarizes progress from October 1 through December 31, 2023. This quarter, the Project built on momentum across all five Objectives in seven target provinces to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation of Vietnam’s natural forests, and to sustainably improve forest and plantation management practices.

FY24 Q1 in Numbers:
By the end of FY24 Q1, the project reached the following achievements:

  • 34,767 people trained.
  • 61 policies or plans have been developed.
  • $33.6 million has been mobilized towards conservation-friendly enterprises.
  • 61,356 people have received livelihood co-benefits.
  • 5,407,714 tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced, sequestered, or avoided.
  • 14,926,873 tons of CO2 will be avoided from the adoption of policies supported by the Project.
  • 141,401 ha under improved management.

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