Stengthening Land Tenure and Property Rights in Angola: Land Law and Policy: Overview of Legal Framework

This report provides an outline of applicable legal principles for the USAID project, Strengthening Land Tenure and Property Rights in Angola, which ARD is directing with assistance from Development Workshop (“DW”) and the Rural Development Institute (“RDI”).This report lays out the legal framework applicable to the project, beginning with brief overviews of the country and its customary and formal law (Sections II-V), followed by a detailed outline of the key land legislation, the 2004 Land Law and 2006 Proposed Regulations, in Section VI. The report provides an overview of women’s land rights issues (Section VII) and land administration (Section VIII). The paper closes in Section IX with a preliminary identification of areas within the legal framework where opportunities may exist for useful addition (whether by addendum, bylaw, or by further direction through regulations or guidelines at the provincial level) that will assist in the ultimate objective of increasing land tenure security for Angola’s population.

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