SERA Annual Report: Year 4

The Tanzania SERA Policy Project assists both the Government of the Republic of Tanzania (GoT) and the private sector to enable a broad‐based, sustainable transformation of the agricultural sector through policy reform. The vision for this project is twofold: to improve the policy and regulatory environment for agriculture growth and to build a group of public sector institutions, advocacy organizations, and individuals capable of performing rigorous policy analysis and advocating for policy reform. Improving agricultural policies is accomplished by working with the GoT and other stakeholders to identify important policy constraints to growth in the agricultural sector and by helping to alleviate these constraints through policy and regulatory reforms.

The Tanzania SERA Project has made significant achievements towards improving the agricultural policy environment, and developing individual and institutional capacity in the four years of the Project. SERA is positioned to successfully transition on going activities and conclude work on priority areas in 2016. The SERA Project’s reputation for fair, balanced, and timely analysis and cutting edge research on important policy issues continues to provide access to decision makers in the public and private sector. SERA will continue to conduct research and provide capacity building support with a focus on providing an actionable framework for the continued analysis and reform of critical policy issues in agriculture to alleviate poverty.

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