REGIS-ER Quarterly Report: January – March, 2015

The central and field teams in all seven regions have been implementing activities at a noticeably faster pace compared to last year, thanks to field experience gained, logistics in place, and better knowledge of conditions on the ground. The quarter’s results are more reflective of the effort put into the project by all components.


  • Visit to Iguéfane oasis garden by Niger’s Prime Minister to appreciate the productive garden beds and solar-powered pump put in place by Albarka women’s group with assistance from USAID|REGIS-ER
  • Final signature of Tondikandia’s local convention by the Prefect of Filingué, covering more than 220,000 hectares
  • Training of local artisans in fabrication of rippers and identification of lead farmers for Conservation Agriculture in all villages in BF and Niger
  • Partnership signed with World Food Program for soil restoration activities in Sabon Machi commune in Maradi
  • Initiation of the Ecole des Maris (Husband Schools) and Safe Space platforms that address family planning, health, nutrition, and hygiene issues
  • A strong beginning for farmer-managed natural regeneration this season in Burkina Faso, with more than 1,000 men and women receiving FMNR training including information about its role in adaptation to climate change
  • Startup of REGIS-AG as the project moved into offices secured by REGIS-ER and had several consultative meetings with our staff to harmonize approaches and initiate contacts

Points of Convergence

  • Meetings between REGIS-ER, Mary Stopes International, and ECHO Humanitarian Assistance in Burkina Faso to define collaboration and possibilities for synergy in health and nutrition activities
  • Participation in a Moringa promotion event organized by WA-WASH project, with a view toward setting up future smaller fairs to promote enriched products
  • Participation in Ouaga by Country Rep and Technical Staff in meeting of FFP Partners hosted by CRS
  • SPRING-sponsored Digital Green productions of health-related videos in Guidan Roumdji and Aguié with collaboration between Sawki/Mercy Corps, Lahia/Save the Children, and REGIS-ER
  • Sawki and REGIS-ER joint exchanges by component to share and homogenize approaches
  • Mapping by REGIS-ER of 78 villages ready to adopt the community-led total sanitation process with FFP partners Helen Keller, Save the Children, and Water/Sanitation for Africa; 27 villages are now going through the process and will be prioritized for grant money from REGIS-ER

Discussions are underway with Sawki in Maradi (Mercy Corps) and CRS in Zinder to see how REGIS ER can train and monitor CBSP/extension agents who will work with FFP partners to introduce CF/RNA in communes where REGIS ER is not currently working. For now, the idea is being tested on a small scale at selected sites. If it is successful, the approach will be expanded to include other communes next year.