PRP Success Story: PSA Launch Event Features President and U.S. Ambassador

Efforts to change social attitudes and behavior often encounter deeply held beliefs and entrenched habits.  Identifying highly respected or charismatic individuals with such campaigns can help mitigate this challenge.  The USAID Property Rights Program (PRP) has taken its communications strategy further with the successful launch of its inaugural public service announcement (PSA) addressing the difficulties that women in Kosovo face in exercising their property rights – particularly in claiming their inheritance.  The launch event featured remarks by Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga, U.S. Ambassador Greg Delawie, and Kosovo Minister of Justice Hajredin Kuçi. Over 130 persons attended the event, representing Kosovo governmental institutions, municipal bodies, civil society, donors and the public at large.

In her remarks, President Jahjaga made reference to another PRP-led effort, the development of a National Strategy on Property Rights, which is being developed in coordination with the Ministry of Justice.  Minister Kuçi reaffirmed his commitment to introducing safeguards to prevent the misuse of the right to renounce property inheritance.

This PSA featured a multi-generational story told from the perspective of a young girl describing the increasingly progressive treatment of property inheritance in Kosovo society.  This story was followed by a series of appearances from notable public figures in Kosovo society expressing their strong support for basic fairness and a recognition of the equal rights of men and women to own property.

In the upcoming months, PRP will continue this campaign, “Për Të Mirën Tonë” (“For Our Common Good”) to influence social attitudes and behavior related to the ability of women to exercise their property rights and to encourage women themselves to become more willing to exercise those rights on their own behalf. The campaign will employ a variety of media and approaches to disseminate these ideas, including TV and radio, newspapers, social media, interactive theatrical performances and other avenues for public outreach.