PROSPER Report: Curriculum Design and Teacher Training Needs Assessment: Preliminary Community Forestry for the Forestry Training Institute

Under Intermediate Result 1.1 (Increased educational and institutional capacity to improve environmental awareness, NRM, biodiversity conservation, and environmental compliance) of the USAID PROSPER program, Tetra Tech ARD is tasked with improving the capacity of the Forestry Training Institute (FTI) to develop and deliver a community forestry curriculum. To that end, in November 2012 Tetra Tech mobilized Dr. Kenneth Bauer, international consultant and expert in community forestry education (scope of Work for the assignment is found in Attachment 1). The major task undertaken by the consultant was the revision of the existing community forestry curriculum being offered by Liberia’s Forestry Training Institute (FTI) in Tubmanburg, Bomi County. The current curriculum is over 30-years old and does not feature community forestry content. The proposed community forestry curriculum will help prepare FTI students to support and implement the processes involved in the developing Community Rights Law-compliant community forestry management bodies, management plans, and related activities. This contributes to PROSPER’s overall goal by increasing the capacity of forest practitioners who will be critical in supporting the growth and dissemination of community forestry as a viable management model in Liberia.

This Final Report includes a brief account of the tasks completed, key findings, and recommendations. Attachment 4 presents the design for two community forestry courses each containing ten modules with learning objectives, key concepts, and learning milestones for each module. The report is submitted in fulfillment of Contract Deliverable No. 7.