PROSPER Gender Integration Plan

This PROSPER gender integration plan builds on the strategies proposed in the PROSPER gender assessment conducted in July 2012, and details concrete gender-related activities to undertake during Year 1 of PROSPER (FY 2013). The gender integration plan addresses the following:

  • Monitoring gender under PROSPER
  • Gender-related activities, outcomes, and a suggested timeline that build on PROSPER’s Year 1 work plan
  • Suggested actions for gender interventions at new field sites taking into account village profile activities.

Tetra Tech has a full-time Gender Integration Officer (GIO) to support gender integration throughout the PROSPER program. The gender assessment and gender integration plan are meant to assist the GIO to define her work plan and activities. But they can be used by technical staff in all three program components (education/outreach, community forestry, livelihoods) to support gender integration. PROSPER will be able to integrate gender only if all technical staff take responsibility for implementation of the gender assessment and plan.

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