PROSPER Curriculum Review: Primary School Environmental Education

The goal of the five-year the People, Rules and Organizations for the Protection of Ecosystem Resources (PROSPER) program is to “introduce, operationalize, and refine appropriate models for the community management of forest resources for local self-governance and enterprise development in targeted areas.”

In cooperation with curriculum development specialists identified by the Ministry of Education, PROSPER developed seventy-two lesson plans for grades 1 through 6, covering the four main subject areas – Science, Social Studies, English and Mathematics. The lesson plans include detailed lesson descriptions, lists of resources, learning objectives, key concepts and methodologies for evaluating students’ understanding thereof.

The environmental education curriculum development process involved multiple stakeholders including the MoE, EPA, FDA, and civil society organizations. Beginning in March of 2016, PROSPER initiated a review of the curriculum materials. The review included an examination of the curriculum based on recognized best instructional practices in the environmental education field. Also, interviews were conducted with teachers who had been trained with the environmental education curriculum in November of 2015. Eight teachers from the Buchanan area schools, seven teachers from the Tappita area schools, and thirteen teachers from the Sanniquellie region were interviewed for their feedback on the curriculum. Both the analysis of the curriculum and the interviews provide significant information concerning the areas of strength and potential areas of growth for the curriculum materials.