ProParque Program Performance Evaluation

This evaluation assesses the performance of the USAID ProParque activity (further referred to as ProParque) through early 2106. ProParque is an economic growth and natural resources activity that seeks to realign Honduras’ economic and social development trajectory with the sound management of its rich natural resource base. Its main objective is to achieve sustainable economic growth, while focusing on protected areas of Honduras and its communities. ProParque involves simultaneous work on three different areas: biodiversity and natural resource management (NRM), rural enterprise growth, and climate change/natural disaster risk reduction (DRR).

This external performance evaluation has been completed towards the end of the option period of the USAID ProParque activity. The objectives of this evaluation are to help USAID/Honduras determine which components and activity aspects worked well or did not work well, and why. The findings of this evaluation could be used as input to consolidate results of the activities to contribute to the Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for Honduras.

The evaluation also provides pertinent information, data, and findings to the Government of Honduras (GOH) and USAID/Honduras to learn what was accomplished with Development Assistance funds. The evaluation should help USAID/Honduras and the ProParque team see a big picture assessment from a third party perspective, the accomplishments and challenges of ProParque, and provide lessons learned and recommendations for future activities.