ProParque Annual Report: Year 3

The USAID ProParque project, with an anticipated timeline of five years, is the Honduran Mission’s flagship natural resources program, and seeks to realign the country’s economic and social development trajectory with the sound management of its rich natural resource base. A holistically integrated program, USAID ProParque focuses on consolidating the system of protected areas in Honduras and includes work in biodiversity and natural resource management, rural enterprise growth (tourism, forestry, agroforestry), climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and clean energy development (hydropower, biomass, biofuel). USAID/ProParque will improve Honduran biodiversity conservation, create jobs for Hondurans, and strengthen national capacity for mitigating and adapting to global climate change.

This Annual Report covers the third year of project implementation and the final year of the project’s Base Period. It also meets the objectives of providing a comprehensive overview of twelfth quarter, and as such serves as Quarterly Report Number Twelve. It consists of five principal sections – 1) a section on Technical Programming, including an overview of Year One (Y1) and detailed reporting on Quarter Four; 2) A section on Program Management; 3) a forward looking section focused on Quarter Five; 4) a Financial Report for the time period; and 5) Annexes.

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